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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Starting squash indoors

I started working on my garden, and one of my most favorite veggies to plant is squash. So I have started my seeds indoors, to give them a head start. I always find by doing this it gives them a more successful and longer growing season. Then when I'm sure there is not going to be any more frost I will transplant them into my garden. When I do transfer the seedlings, I always make sure they have plenty of growth room. Squash have a very large root system.
After they grow I use them to cook a variety of dishes, and also squash can be stored for long term use in my future dishes. It's best to start four weeks indoors before transferring outdoors.
When I start my seeds indoors, I fill my seed starting peat pots with a good moist and sterile potting soil. Then I place a watering tray under my pots.
The seeds get sowed 1/4 to 1/2 inch's deep into the soil. It's okay to place three to four seeds per pot. After placing the seeds into the soil, I pack the soil down firmly.
The best tip is to cover your posts with plastic wrap. It keeps the soil not only moist but prevents drying out. Keep water in your trays also to keep your soil moist.
The pots should be in a nice warm location, in indirect sunlight. Just make sure your water tray does not have to much water, you don't want to over water your seeds.
When the seedlings start to emerge, that is when you will want to remove the plastic wrap. Then thin out the seedlings when they grow their first leaves, you want to get rid of the weaker leaves.
At this time is when you want to move your seedlings into a sunny spot. This helps to harden the seeds. Placing your pots outdoors for one hour of sunlight will also help. Over a three week period you will want to increase their sunlight outdoors.
When your soil temp outdoors is 60 degrees you can then transfer your seedlings into your garden. Also make sure there will be not more frost.
This method always gives me a great amount of beautiful squash.


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