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Friday, May 13, 2011

Birdfeeders and Your Garden

There's nothing more relaxing than a good cup of coffee and sitting in the backyard. The sights and sounds of birds are very relaxing. The singing of the birds, and their bright colors turn any backyard into a oasis. If you have bird feeders in your yard or garden I want to share some tips on how to attract birds to them.


The best place to start, is to find out what birds are common in your area. These of course are the ones that you will attract to your feeder.

Then it's time to figure out what they love to eat. If you offer them their favorite food they will likely visit your feeder regularly. Red Cardinals love black oil sunflower seeds, so put some out if you live on the Eastern coast.

Position of your feeder should be off the ground high enough to keep predators away. Feeders that are near trees or a bush are nice, it gives other birds a place to wait until it's their turn to eat.

The nice thing about bird feeders is you can fill them all year round and see different species. Some birds don't migrate and will come to your feeder on a regular basis. Winter birds love their berries and other wild bird foods. Plants will also help you attract birds. The beauty berry and sunflowers serve as a natural food source. Hummingbirds love color, and that color is red, so any bushes or feeders of this color will attract them.

Don't forget to offer your feathered friends water, for drinking and their baths. Placing a fresh water source in your yard will attract birds also.