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Monday, May 02, 2011

Grilling Tips

Some grilling tips for those who love to grill. Whether you use gas or charcoal, I want to share some good tips with you. Tools are the most essential item for any one who barbecues. They help you cook, and also keep you safe.

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A pair of long reach tongs always come in handy. Most grillers will use these the most. Then you will want a sturdy spatula, for your burgers, but you can also use tongs to flip them also.

A nonflammable grill pad is a good idea to have to catch charcoal that may fall from your grill.

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A grill brush is also a necessity, one with brass bristle for porcelain or cast iron grills. Remember never use water, if you have a grill fire. A extinguisher on hand is another tip.

Turning off your gas grill after cooking is a safe tip. For charcoal grills close your vents, this will cool off your coals.

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If you have a wood deck, it really isn't a good idea to cook on it with a charcoal grill, in the event of falling hot charcoal causing a fire.