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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home Shutters

Drive by any home and they almost all have shutters. But does the homeowner know if the shutters are the right size for their windows. There's only one proper placement for shutters, for functioning and non functioning.


Your shutters should match your window shape and your window size. If you have shutters you close, both of those panels should be fitting snugly inside of your window casing. A common mistake is to hang ornamental shutters longer or even wider than narrower or shorter than your window. If your shutters are just for decorative purposes the same rules apply, they must fit to the inside of your window casing.

You want to make sure your shutters inside edge is 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch back from your inside edge. This is called off setting space, this gives the shutter room to swing in full range motion. You should also choose your hinge type according to your window casing dimensions, this will be dictating how much of a offset space you need.

Take your uninstalled shutters and fit them inside your window frame and then mark where you will place your hinge. Then hook them and position them on your window casing. Always mark the hinges before installing your shutters.

Using a tie back will keep your shutters in a open position. This is usually a acorn clip or bullet shutter catch. It attach's to the shutter than to your home. It will be on the backside of your shutter panel. Another type is a shutter dog, this is usually a decorative holder and is seen from the front side of the shutter. To close your shutters all you will do is undo your tie backs.



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