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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dangers of Roofing Tar

What is roofing tar? It is a waterproof skin that is used on flat roofs. But there are dangers to using tar on roofs. This hot tar can cause multiple hazards to roofers health.

The first problem is the fumes, emitted from the hot tar. These fumes can cause headaches. Pregnant women smelling the fumes can cause birth defects to their unborn babies. Also people with asthma can have respiratory problems. The reason for such health problems is that the tar contains a compound hydrogen sulfide. This is a distinctive and very unpleasant odor.

Roofing tar can also cause dangerous severe burns. Because tar is mopped on the roof, burns can happen from the tar being spilled or splashed. Tar is also slick when it starts cooling and when this is on the skin it can make the burns even more severe. It is best to let a professional remove the tar, and not doing it your self.

Slips and falls can also happen, since the tar is slippery when first put on. Falling on hot tar is risky and dangerous. Putting the tar on in a organized manner will avoid any slips or falls.

Always use caution when using this product for flat roofs.

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