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Friday, September 16, 2011

Falling down Wallpaper

Wall paper provides a seamless wall covering, that is protecting the wall surface. It adds beauty to any room in your home or business. But it can lose its adhesive, and start to fall away from the wall. The longer it goes with out getting repaired the more of a chance it will rip. It must be reattached before any damage occurs.

It is a easy to do project. You want to start by applying moisture to the adhesive side of your wallpaper. This can be done with a wet sponge. This is preparing the wallpaper for new glue. Simply pull the wallpaper back to apply the moisture. Then apply a thin layer of wallpaper glue, no other glue should be used. You can place the glue on the wall or on the paper. But not both, this will only cause further problems from glue buildup.

Press your wallpaper back, pressing firmly against the wall. You want to squeeze any excess water out of your sponge and wipe the glued area. This will help the bonding process.

In a day, check to make sure the glue has dried and there is no more peeling. If there is any other peeling just repeat the process.

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