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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Check your Extinguisher

Everyone should be aware that maintenance is a important part on your fire extinguishers to ensure your safety. Make sure they are in good condition through annual maintenance checks. This should be done monthly on your extinguishers, making sure they work properly, and do not need any repairs, and checking for defects.

Record keeping is a great way to document your routine maintenance of inspections. Note the location of the extinguisher, date inspected, who did the inspection, and what type of maintenance was done, and of course the results. Also note when the next inspection is due.

Ensure the device is in the proper location, and is easily accessible. Ensure all instructions are legible. Making sure the extinguisher is full and all the safety features of the extinguisher are in working order, and intact. It is important to make sure your extinguisher does not have any leaks, cracks, or any other type of damage.

Your maintenance plan should also make sure that the stored pressure of the devices are disassembled and maintained. Weigh your extinguisher to make sure deviation is the same by comparing it to the last inspection. A weight check will tell you if your extinguisher is leaking.

Another test should be for conductivity on your carbon dioxide hose assemblies. Extinguishers using carbon dioxide have a metal braid connecting the couplings, to minimize risk of static shock, make sure these are in good condition. This test will verify your metal braid is conductive, which ensures the safety feature. Testing the pressure and flow rate will also ensure your extinguisher will put a fire out in the event of a emergency.

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