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Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY Re-Roof

If you are faced with a re roofing project you may wonder if you can do it yourself or hire a professional. Well that would depend on your particular circumstances. If you know the procedure of a re roofing job you can prepare to perform the work yourself.

Before you start it is important to inspect all your roofs system components. Check the framing, the sheathing and the flashing. Checking the roofing paper and the roof covering is also important. The framing structure you will check is the rafters or joists, sheathing is the sheets of plywood that cover the framing. There are times you will need to replace the framing and the sheathing due to rot, or pest infestation, or just physical damage. Then there is the flashing, this consists of the metal angles or sheets that cover your roofs edges or valleys. Any thing that is damaged or not sealed properly will need replacement. Your roofing paper or tar paper is what is covering your sheathing and flashing, if torn or rotten or just damaged, this also will need to be replaced. A roofs first line of defense is its coverings, such as the shingles, which also need to be free of surface damage, and sealed tight.

There are a few common types of roofing coverings. Shingles, rolled, paneled or tile is just a few. On modern homes you will typically find shingles or rolled roofing.

If you are having a leak, it is obvious there is a indication of roof damage. But this does not necessitate for a entire roof replacement. If you have a worn out roof maybe it is time for a replacement. Re roofing could be your option instead of the entire process being ripped off and replaced.