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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dwarf Nandina Bush Product Review

Some DIY facts for dwarf nandina bushes also known as heavenly bamboo. This is a sturdy little shrub, that will live a long time and with a little care. The dwarf nandina grows five feet, and has red foliage in the fall.


If you want your plant to grow red colored foliage in the winter you must grow your nandina in full sunlight. It will tolerate partial shade, but your color will not be as brilliant. You will want to water your dwarf nandina until the top five inches of the soil is damp, usually about once a week. If you are growing your plant in a more hot climate area, you may have to water more.

Nandina Domestica "Dwarf Fire Power"

Also you will need to fertilize your nandina in spring with 10 10 10 fertilizer. Place the fertilizer on the soil under your shrub and water it until it is soaked down to the roots of the shrub.

Prune in the spring, thin out old and dead stems. Cutting the old stems to different heights gives it a more natural look, and the shrub will grow thicker. Some of the shrubs canes can be cut back to ground level. You can actually remove one third of your plants old growth, this will help it to rejuvenate.