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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Renewable Energy Facts

Today I would like to chat about Renewable Energy. Today many homes on the market are being built using the decision to use renewable energy resources. Builders are constructing homes, using sustainable designs, using more energy efficient ways to operate, that yields in reduction of pollution, and less carbon outcome's.

A green home is not only good for our environment, they are packing a rise in home value's. The home increases $20 for every $1 in annual energy savings. Several renewable alternative energy sources are available to incorporate into your home.

A product that is silent, and has clean power, which results in savings and is advantageous for our environment is solar panels. They offset harmful effects which are caused by carbon dioxide, and at the same time provide our homes with renewable sources, of heat and electric. Solar panels photovoltaic devices are analogous. With the ability to create electrical energy, when they are exposed to light. Powering our home appliances using photovoltaic devices are a renewable means.

There are also energy systems that use geothermal energy, which can be installed in our homes, they monitor our heating and our cooling. Cogeneration is a combined heat and power system, that generates power and energy from a single fuel source. The most common of these are gas turbines or engines with steam recovery units and steam boilers that have turbines. They are available from geothermal power plants.

Windows are a natural energy source that is often overlooked. Windows bring in sunlight, reducing the need for electricity. Our windows and our glass doors also provide us with borrowed light, which reduces or even eliminates the need for us to run fans or our ac. If you open your windows you improve the indoor air quality in your home, and also reduce any unsafe volatile organic compounds, or carbon monoxide levels there might be.

Installing solar water heaters known as solar domestic hot water systems are very cost effective. They are also a great way to generate hot water in your home, more energy renewable. They can be used in any type of climate. Having a back up system is highly recommended, for those cloudy days. They work with harnessing the sunlight via solar collectors, so cloudy days may hinder this.