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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get out Mouse

Mice, we have all had them, and we have all got rid of them. Small, short, hairy little rodents, that we find often in our homes. These are house mice, deer mice or even white footed mice, but unwanted period the end.

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The most common house mouse is the white mice, they are rare but they will invade your home. They especially love our kitchens and pantries, in our homes. They are always on the hunt for sweet crumbs we leave behind. Your home can become infested with these little white creatures, but can be managed with help of a professional.

There are also steps as homeowners, that we can take. Start by sealing any holes, or crevices you may have that lead from the outside into your home. You can fill the hole in with some scrap wood, and caulk for the crevices. Cutting overgrowth around the home will also be beneficial. Get rid of high weeds or any thick areas of grass, these things give shelter for the mouse.  If you have a problem try keeping your food in tight containers after opening. Including pet food, mice love pet food for some reason. Make sure you tie your trash bags tight when placing them out side also. You can also check to see if you cans have any cracks or hole, this gives mice an entrance to your trash. Believe it or not mice do not like cheese, if you set traps bait them with peanut butter, or dried fruit. If you are noticing droppings, or chew marks, this means you have mice activity and this is where you should place any traps. Rodenticide can be used for entryways, but do not use this product if you have pets, or small children.
If you do trap a mouse, dispose of it by placing it in a plastic bag, place that bag in another tight fitting container, then dispose into the trash. You will also want to disinfect any area that there was mouse activity. Use one part bleach and one part how water. A deceased mouse can leave a unpleasant odor. You can also spray the dead mouse with the same solution before bagging it for the trash. Of course if your problem is more than you can handle, you will want to call a professional.


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