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Monday, April 18, 2011

Remodel your house ideas

Most of the time it is a good idea to remodel, every three to five years in order to keep up with the market value. If improvements are not done periodically a home can go downhill fast. Inspection of your home can keep all improvements on track.

Start with making a list and go over every room to see what needs to be improved. Most remodeling can be done your self. Just by removing carpet can add value if you have great hardwood floors or tile floors. If your are planning to sell your home, get your home inspected. Have him inspect your crawlspace and attic especially. It is important to also address any front curbside matters. Any time you invest in a new roof, adds value. Also fix those cracks in your foundation. For plumbing, up about updating what ever you can afford. A little paint on the shutters wouldn't hurt either. Any time you add to your landscaping will also be a wise expenditure. Any curbside appeal will make potential buyers want to see more inside. It doesn't cost much for paint, and putting some new colors on a few walls will update any old look. If you can why not try and paint the exterior as well, bring the colors up to date. If you have a small room you can make it look bigger with a bright lime green color, or yellow. Adding shelving will also make a small space look bigger. Any dark colors in the kitchen should be lightened up to. For small kitchens how about making it look bigger with half the room painted a lighter color. A good example is to install antique white cabinets on upper walls and darker ones for the base. If you can afford windows, adding one over the sink will surely bring up the selling appeal. If you have a deck off the kitchen, how about installing French doors leading out.

Removing clutter around the home is another place to start. For a large family room, how about adding a large walk in closet to off set one side. Just by replacing a sofa with a sofa and several chairs will add appeal in the family room. Clutter in the bedroom can be fixed by adding a chest of drawers.

When updating think about what you want to do in case you sell your home.



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