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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your Fence and Your Pet

If you have a pet and live in a house, you know how important it is to have a proper fence. This not only gives your dog freedom to run, but provides mental and physical stimulation. This is most important, for their health. But to do this, your yard must be safe and secure with the proper fence. This will also let your dog attend the yard when you are not home. To choose the right fence you must analyze your yard and your dogs behavior.
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When choosing a wrought iron fence, remember these are not good for small dogs, they will fit right through them. This type of fence does not go into the ground either, only at the posts, which gives them wiggle room at their bottom part.

Chain link can also be escaped from, by digging under the bottom, or pulling them up.

Electronic fences give our dogs shocks, that some pet owners do not like. They also require our dogs to wear special collars when they are outside.

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The cute picket fence is not good for any size dog, they are not high enough and have spaces between that dogs can get out from.

The wooded fences that no slats are safe. But beware dogs can dig under these types also, and can also chew the wood.

When choosing a fence, take your dog's size into consideration first. Small dogs will go through open slats, and large dogs can go over some fences.

For the digger in the family you will want a fence that goes into the ground not just at the post. Laying a concrete foundation or chain link under the fence will prevent digging.

For the jumper, get a six foot tall fence.

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For the barker or aggressive dog, he should be shielded from everything beyond your yard, with a wood fence that has no spaces.

Short open fences give children the chance to pet your dog, but also gives someone the chance to taunt your pet. So determine how your dog would handle these situations.

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Take your personal preference into consideration, but your pet's safety as well. Some area's even let you have a concrete wall around your yard, which is the safest yet.

Cost is another factor, some fence's are more expensive than others, but overall, most homeowners do choose wooden.


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