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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brick Homes and Charm

Usually brick home's feature a more traditional conservative look. So I wanted to share some landscaping tips for your brick home. I feel the home should be influenced by different colors and textures, in accordance to the style of the brick home. Natural earthy tones go great with red brick, it gives it a nice complement. Features in the landscaping like green foliage and large white or pale color blossoms.
To achieve this look, it will not kill your budget. Always start with a sketch, using your home, and driveway in it.
Green Gem Boxwood - Buxus - Compact Hedge/Shrub/Bonsai
Then do some walking around your yard, take some notes on different things. You'll want to know what are gets the most sun, the front or the back yard. What area has the best drainage, and what type of soil do you have. The soil is the most important, you can get your self a testing kit and it will let you know the pH levels and nutrient contents.
Now that you are ready, start by adding some hardscapes. Try adding a pea gravel or flagstone walkway. These types of walkways add a natural transition to your brick home.
Southdown/ Old Castle #654255-RDC06 .5CUFT 3/8" Pea Gravel
Planting ivy or flowering vines along your fence line will add to your privacy and also give your yard a lush look. Add some low growing perennials along your walkways, this will add some color to your lawn. Some nice Hosta's or Impatiens will give your walkways a nice polished feel.
Praying Hands Hosta - NEW! - UNIQUE! - INTERESTING!
If you have any trees, you can build some circular borders around them to give them a curve look. Try to remove the grass around them also and add some gravel for a base.
Hedges, or trees along your property line will also give you privacy and depth for your landscaping. Spacing your trees according to their size. The great thing about hedges is, you can trim them as they grow to reflect the style of your landscape.
Pink Weeping Higan Tree (Trade Gallon)
For a soft feel, try installing some functional lighting, this gives you a warm welcoming feeling. Lanterns on each side of your front door, or a lamp post work wonderfully. Also some lighting along the pathways add charm also.