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Monday, April 04, 2011

Tools for your Garden

Making sure you use the right tools for your garden, will create much success. There are many to choice from, like tools for getting your soil ready, to getting out stubborn roots. The most used tools for the garden are the short handled, and long handled ones. Then there are the plant ties, and the most important garden gloves. Also don't forget a watering can comes in handy also.

The trowel is great for breaking up clumps of dirt, even potting soil. You can also use the trowel for mixing your soil. Then there is a hand fork, with tines great for aerating soil and also great for digging. If you don't have a trowel the hand fork can be used to plant also. Sharp pruners for those rose bushes always comes in handy.  You can also use them to snip flowers in the garden to bring inside. Also use them to cut back those branches.

The garden hoe, the cultivator and your long handled bulb planter are also great tools to have. The hoe does magic on clumps of dirt, breaking it up and making it possible to plant your seeds. Cultivators are the cousin of the garden hoe, they are great for breaking up dried dirt which has hardened over the summer months. Then the long handled bulb planter which is great for planting those spring bulbs. Easy to use by pulling a clump of soil up, and leaving a hole for your favorite bulb.

Yard Butler Bulb & Garden Planter BPL-6

Don't forget those garden gloves. They should be a garden staple in every one's shed. Some even have rubberized fingertips for early gardening in mud. If you need to tie any plants you can now get plant ties. Self sticking fasteners that won't hurt your plants. Make sure you have watering cans two. They come in handy for potted plants. And work really great for hanging plants to. It's not a bad idea to get a handy garden cart for all your tools, and its much easier on the back. Some even have seats on them.