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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Add Cabinets in your Kitchen

Cabinets of any style can add a visual appeal in any type of kitchen. Even your high tech kitchen now adays have interesting cabinets, some even with carvings and glass doors. You can now add free standing cabinets in your kitchen. They are easily incorporated into your kitchen design.

Four-Legged Wooden Stools; Fixed Height; Seat Height: 18 in. (76cm)

You can do this project your self. Just start by sketching your kitchen in detail. The use of free standing cabinet ideas are endless. But when you use them to decorate your kitchen, do it so that they work for a long time.

Some DIY idea's are to plan a kitchen island first. You can do a sketch of the free standing cabinets you are going to use around this work space. Use interesting old wood tables to create your island. Painting the table a antique white. Then add some black counter top and black hardware to it. A nice pot rack over the island will add additional appeal.

New Solid Wood Bookcase Kit Unfinished Wood Pine Furniture

Find some matching free standing china cabinets to place on the wall. You can find these unfinished at any wood furniture store. For a shabby chic look paint the unfinished cabinets white also and add gold hardware. You can utilize the cabinets by putting your dish's on top and groceries on the bottoms.

For a place to store your family heirloom items, you can get a free standing cabinet for that also, one with glass doors. Maybe you have a grandmother that has a cabinet she can pass down. Using free standing cabinets for spices and wine to. The items look nice thru glass doors.

International Concepts SH-4830X 4-Tier X-Sided Bookcase Unfinished

Unfinished butcher block counter tops make a great addition next to the sink as a extra work space. Painting the table antique white and adding baskets on the bottom for storage gives a county decor feel. Black canisters with copper lids look great also.

You can also redo a wooden bookcase to fit in the kitchen for storage. Add some yellow baskets with fake flowers for another country feel. Place some recipe books and utensils on it also for extra decor.



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