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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

DIY For Children Growing Plants

Teaching our children how to grow plants is a great lesson. It teaches them to understand life's cycles and to appreciate mother nature. And don't forget its a fun activity for you to do with them. Children get so excited when they see the first sprouts of their plants. And when the time comes to plant the seedlings out doors you create another fun project to do. You can even give them their own space in your garden to call their own.

A easy child friendly plant is the tomato plant. It can be started indoors and will grow outdoors in almost any climate. The tomato plant is also pretty low maintenance so it's a great starter plant for your child.

Ferry-Morse 3140 Organic Tomato Seeds, Beefsteak (600 Milligram Packet)

The spider plant is another kid friendly plant, easy to care for and fun to watch grow. You can also get more spider plants with the dangling babies. And when they are fully grown, they make great gifts. For indoors, these plants will brighten any room in the house. Your child can even keep his plant in his own room to nourish.

Ocean Spider Plant - Easy to Grow - Cleans the Air -NEW

A sensitive plant is a great indoor starter plant. It has feathery leaves then when touched curl up. They need little water, so it makes them easy to care for. When grown why not make a window box to show off your plant.

Sensitive Plant Seed Pack

Another plant that is easy to grow is the bean plant. You can use two or three beans in one pot and watch them grow. Lima beans are fun to watch as they grow. And are the easiest, by starting the seedlings in a wet paper towel.

Beyond the Bean Seed: Gardening Activities for Grades K6

And who wouldn't love Cacti. They seem to be a favorite among kids. Just be careful of the prickly parts. There are a few Cacti that do great indoors, and can grow pretty large.

Mixed Melocactus Cactus 20 Seeds - Mixed Species

So have fun and give the kids a plant project.