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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Your Cool House

We all know how hot our home can become in the summer months. And in order to cool it off, most of us use air conditioning. But did you know leaving it on all day can result in a electric bill that know one wants. So I wanted to share some cooling tips with you. These tips will help with your bill and cool your home all summer.

The first tip to keeping your home cool, is not to waste that cool air coming from the air conditioner. Even if you use fans, it is important to make sure the cool air is not getting out the home. A well insulated home will help prevent this loss and keep the temps inside the home from rising. If you have ducts in areas of the home that are not air conditioned make sure they are well insulated. Check all the weatherstripping in your home also. The caulk also, make sure you have no gaps or cracks to. If your home has a fireplace make sure the damper is closed.

You already know that the air conditioner will cool your home quickly, but if you operate a ceiling fan with the a/c will help to circulate the air through the home even faster.

Keeping the sunlight from coming through the windows will also help keep the rooms cooler. Using white shades or blinds are even more effective due to they will reflect light away. Additional coverage for south facing windows will need extra coverage. Trees planted on the west side of the home are also a good coverage to block sun.

Appliances and lights in the summer months also generate extra heat, so if you are not using them, remember to turn them off. Using a power strip will also be easy to turn the TV, DVD and other entertainment equipment off easier. Remember anything in the home producing heat will only make the a/c work harder.

Try not to cook on the stove, use the outside grill for dinner. The oven will throw off the most heat. Also hot showers will make the a/c work harder, cool showers are best. Any steam or humidity in the house will also make the a/c work harder.