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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toothpick treat, who knew

With entertaining for Easter I have a neat trick, flavored tooth picks. Using these to turn to instead of a cigarette isn't a bad idea either. You can buy flavored toothpicks at the store, but why when you can do it yourself. These are great to stick into fruit on your fruit platter, with some cheese.

Fancy Fruit Platter

For one idea, dip them in some melted white or dark chocolate to use in strawberries. Or get some flavored oil, and pour into a jar, then add your toothpicks and soak over night. In the morning take the toothpicks out and spread on a cookie sheet to dry. These flavored toothpicks in oil are great for sticking into olives and pickles.

Your fruit and cheese platter will be the hit of the party.




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