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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Transform your Garage Floor

With spring cleaning being done, why not include the garage and paint the floor. You can transform your floor easily with these steps. A good epoxy paint will help your floor resist stains, shed any water and dirt as well. And the epoxy paint will also make it more easier to clean the floor. This job can be done as a weekend project.

So let's get started. First you will need to get everything out, and clean the floor. Sweep it and scrub it down good. If you can protect your walls with plastic. To scrub the floor good get a pressure washer, if you don't already own one, you can rent one. Just make sure you rinse well after scrubbing. Then you will want to do some patching. Patch any holes, and cracks the concrete floor may have using etching material that comes with the epoxy paint kit. After you let this dry good, you will be ready to paint.

Plasti-Kote 02-50021 Epoxy Garage Flr Kit-Tan 1g

To get started painting just follow the directions as stated in your kit. Normally you will paint a border around the floor first. A paint roller on a long extension is the best tool for the job. You will paint your floor just like you would a wall. Work in sections and feather in. Any imperfections the concrete floor may have will be painted over as well. Adding a second coat is a good idea, but wait at least 24 hours between doing coats.

You will add a top coat per the directions on the package. This will be applied in the same manner as the epoxy paint. When you apply the top coat it will go on white but will turn clear when it is dry.

Wagner Power Products 284041 Paint Mate Plus Roller

You now have a new garage floor that you can usually walk on within 72 hours after painting. And you saved a ton of money doing it your self.