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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunday Dinner Idea

How about a whole roasted chicken, for a Sunday dinner. Roaster chickens can also be a inexpensive choice also. A roasted chicken is good not only for a Sunday dinner, but for any occasion. So I wanted to share my recipe with you, yes I can cook.

The first thing I look for is a good fresh whole chicken around five pounds. Then I bring it home and remove all the insides, like the gizzards, and livers. Then I rinse my chicken thoroughly inside and out, and pat it dry with paper towels.

Next get the oven ready at 350 degrees. While waiting for it to warm up, I rub my chicken with olive oil or butter what ever you prefer. Then with my favorite seasonings I sprinkle them all over the chicken. I love some garlic powder, onion powder, poultry season, and others. Use what ever taste you want to create. If you like lemon chicken, use lemon pepper, some lemon grind and garlic. You can also squeeze lemon wedges inside the chicken. Salt and rosemary is another great option.

You want to tie the legs with some twine, tie them together to hold the chicken in shape.

After that you place the chicken breast side up in your roasting pan. I like to place my roasting pan on a baking sheet. This makes it easier to get the roaster pan in and out of the oven. And if there are any spills, the baking sheet will catch them.

I then cook my chicken twenty minute for every pound. You could also use a pop up meat thermometer placed in the thick part of the chicken.

It's a simple recipe that packs a burst of flavor.