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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Lighting Your Home

Lighting can make a room or over come a room. But it does maximize the full use of your home or business. Today's market has energy conscious high performance lighting. And remember that the right lighting complements any type of room. Also it provides the right visibility for any task you may be doing. Now adays with every one going green, they depend on daylight for their day time lighting, and the right illumination for cloudy days and after dark lighting.

Ore International 15 Ceramic Accent Table Lamp - Black

In today's homes you will sometimes find rooms that serve as the community rooms. These rooms usually have multi functions. It could be a living room mixed with a family room or media center. It could be a conversation area mixed with the living room also. Some homes have a room for reading, or a art collection, even a computer room. Then you have a library room, a entertainment room, or a game room. So it is important to have the right adjustable lighting. A bar of small spotlights on dimmers work great. There are also lights that can be placed to hit your paintings and sculptures, and then there are ones that can be lowered to work on your computer. These are usually referred to as task lighting. Freestanding lamps are great for your reading room. They have enough lighting that are low enough to prevent glare. For reading rooms the bottom of the lamp or the shade should be at your eye level. For chess or pool table lighting a hanging light 36 inches above is the perfect way to go.

61" Metal Pool Table Light Billiard Lamp Brass - Burgundy

Kitchen lighting is another area that has a variety of activities and requires a certain light right for the job. There are under the cabinet lights which are placed toward the front of the cabinet in order to illuminate the counter. Then if you have a kitchen island you want lamps over that also. The lamps should be 66 inches from the floor, making sure the sight lines are not interrupted. Recessed lighting has become very popular, and is ideal for over the sink area or stove area. They have strong focused lighting abilities. For your breakfast nook, dimmer lights work great. They also provide a bright or even a romantic appeal. You can also use light strips or led down lights for any glass front cabinets you may have displaying your collectibles or china.

Cooper Lighting P432WB One-Light Recessed Ceiling Light Kit

For the bathroom, it can be lighting needed for a spa, or makeup station, or just your place to retreat to. There are great lights that coordinate with any bathroom, making it a very welcome area. You can even now place lighting in the shower, and above the toilet. A different look is a chandelier in the middle of the bathroom for a more elegant look. Mirror lights work great for a contemporary feel, even a theatrical look. Sconces work well next to any mirror also. Sconces next to the mirror for make up should be bright. A recessed ceiling light works great for the shower. For over the tub a small spotlight with a dimmer can create many moods. For readers in the bathroom, recessed lighting over the toilet will work wonderful also.

Cooper Lighting P421W One-Light Recessed Ceiling Light Kit

So when shopping for lights or lamps, keep in mind what room or activity you will be doing in the room. And then choose the right light or lamp for the job.


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