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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daylily Bulbs

Day lilies also known has hemerocallis are really not lilies at all. They are sold as bulbs but actually have tuberous root structure with a fleshy root extending from their bottom. They need to be planted differently than lilies. Day lilies are very hardy perennials that will fill your garden in a few short years.

Your planting sight should have full sun or partial shade. If planted in full sun your day lilies will bloom more. Amending the soil is another good tip. Also mix in some fertilizer, into your soils. Use a low analysis fertilizer 5-3-3. You want to plant your bulbs horizontally one inch below your surface soil with the eye facing upward. If you have any roots extending fan those out. Also make sure you space your day lilies at least two feet apart, this will help them self propagate and spread quickly. After planting make sure to water your plants. Also make sure to pack your soil firmly. You want to get out any air pockets. Packing down the soil will also prevent root rot. When everything is done mulch your planted bulbs. Usually two to three inches works great, and use bark or pine needs.