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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Rid your Home of Spiders

No one likes spiders in their home. Now you can get rid of them with natural remedies or chemical methods. It all depends on your spider problem.
To start getting the problem under control you have to inspect the area where the infestation is. Checking the location, before you start the removal process.
Once you find the area that is infested, you can begin to clean the area. Cleaning up any opened food or snacks where the spiders are will help rid them. Food attracts bugs, just as well as spiders.
Vacuum your entire area and vacuum any visible spider webs. Make sure you get any spider eggs and sacs. Sacs will look like cocoons.
You can create a barrier where spiders can enter. Doormats work, as well as repellents for spiders. If you use a spider repellent you and your pets will have to leave the house until the air is clean.
Porch lights and other lights are another place spiders will live. Keeping this area clean and keeping the lights off when not in use will help prevent spiders in that area.
This is a great spider repellent: