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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tissue Paper Walls

Looking for a unique way to dress your walls, try tissue paper. Yes tissue paper that is glued to your walls. If done correctly it will look like a faux marble or a faux suede wall. The tissue will give your walls different shades of texture and depth. It also adds a elegant touch of rustic, French country look.

To get started in this unique adventure, you must clean your walls, to remove any dirt and dust.

You want to use white tissue paper, this works the best in giving you a faux finish, and is very versatile. Using the white tissue paper gives you the option of painting over it with any color. You should however avoid dark colors. Apply the tissue paper with a thin application with wallpaper glue. You want to first crumple and twist your tissue paper, this gives you great texture. You can tear away any straight edges, this will help blend better. Just make sure when you are applying your tissue paper to the wall you overlap the edges torn or not. The project must dry for 24 hours before you do any painting.

Ready to paint, start with a light base color. That color should be three colors lighter than the desired color you are going for. When painting your tissue use a roller, it works the best. This also helps cement any wrinkles into place. Use a back and forth motion. Don't use a brush this may tear your tissue paper. You only need one coat of base paint.

Now to get the ultimate texture and great depth, you want to choose two glaze colors. One being one shade lighter than the other. Your dark glaze goes on first, you use a three inch brush for this, blending in the glaze using a x pattern. You have to work quickly, especially with the second color glaze, doing this in the same pattern. After you want to dab off extra glaze with a crumpled up piece of cheesecloth. When its been about a week apply a clear coat of paint to your new walls.