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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Propagate Perennial Periwinkles

Periwinkles are evergreen perennials that bloom in spring and some of the time in summer and fall. It grows around six inches and has spreading trailing shoots. This makes it easy to propagate.

To do it yourself it's easy. Start by dividing the periwinkle in the fall when it is no longer flowering. Timing this way ensures the energy is going to the roots. You want to do this before the ground freezes. Before you start to divide make sure you water your plants three days ahead of time. Divide on a overcast day or one day when it can rain. This will prevent stress on your plant.

You will want to get the area ready where you will be putting your new plants by adding compost and loose soil. Before planting you want to prune your plants six inches from the ground before you begin digging them up.

You will separate by pulling the roots apart. Then replant immedialtely at the same depth.

For cuttings, you want to fill empty containers with your favorite potting soil, and moisten it right way.

So your plants do not get a disease dip your scissors in rubbing alcohol before cutting. Cut six inch of the periwinkle, you do this right below the node, a place where the leaves grow on their stem. You want to remove the tree set of bottom leaves.

Inserting the cut end into the soil so that two nodes are covered. You want to place your pot in indirect bright light and water evenly.