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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FYI outdoor furniture

Many yards now have outdoor wood furniture. To keep the furniture for as long as possible you must protect it. I wanted to share some tips with you on how to do this.


The first step is always cover your outdoor wood furniture with a waterproof cover, if it's not being used. This is most important during the winter months. On hot sunny days you may also want to cover it also, the sun can cause damage to the furniture as well. At least three times a year you should clean your furniture and make sure it dries thoroughly. Leaving dirt on the wood furniture can deteriorate it. All these steps will make your furniture last much longer. Using a wood furniture cleaner is the key element when washing the furniture. Keep the furniture free of debris and cobwebs to. If your wood furniture is getting beat up by the elements, then its time to sand and re stain it. When your furniture gets wet by rain, pull it into the sun to dry it out. Leaving it wet will start to rot the wood. Several times a year you will want to oil your wood furniture. You want to saturate it with oil, then let it soak into the wood. Don't forget to check your wood's hardware every so often. Loose bolts and screws do come loose. Make sure you turn the furniture over to checks for loose hardware also. Also if your wood furniture has slats you will want to check to see if any need replaced. Doing all of this will keep your wood furniture beautiful for years to come.