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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Poinsettia's in the Summer

Those beautiful poinsettias are not just for Christmas you can grow them in the summer. They will come to bloom around July in most areas and last until November.

To plant, start with a well lit part of your garden, then dig your hole about four inches deep and about six inches wide. Your hole should be two inches bigger all around then your plants root system. You want to sprinkle a layer of soil one inch deep at your hole. A pH of 6 or 7 is perfect. Then place your poinsettia in your hole and add more soil covering the roots. Press the soil around your new plant gently, but packed in enough so that your plant is supported. To much packing will only damage your roots. A sprinkle of water is all your plant needs. Your plant only needs to be damp, never flooded. It will only require water every three days, or if it is dry. They love just having damp soil.