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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tick Season Upon Us

Tick season will soon be upon us. They can latch on to our pets, and then invade our home. Once ticks are in the yard you should get rid of them at once. Ticks carry disease like Lyme's, so immediate action to rid them should be taken seriously. You can't use chemicals in the yard, these can cause health hazard to your beloved pets and your children. A natural repellent is the way to go. Also keeping your yard clean will prevent infestation.

Keeping your grass short keeps the pests away. Ticks love overgrown grass, and over grown bushes and plants. Keeping your yard clean of debris, like plant waste and grass clippings will help keep the ticks at bay.

Using cedar chips as a border is not only lovely but serves as a natural barrier to ticks. If you place the same chips along your fence it will also serve as a barrier.

You can also grow your own herbal tick repellent. These plants are catnip, lemon grass, basil and lavender. Ticks do not like the smells of these herbs. These plants are also safe for your children and pets. Herbal oils of the same plants can be mixed with water and sprayed around the yard, or put the same oil on you, to repel ticks.