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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Is your attic insulated

If your attic is lacking exterior soffit vents, you may have unwanted moisture, and this can do damage to your home. Soffit vents insulate your attic, and also gets red of hot air during hot summer months, as well as any moisture in winter months. A well insulated attic also reduces your heating and cooling costs. It will also prevent drafts throughout your attic as well as your ceiling. There are know special skills or tools needed to properly insulate your attic, or install exterior soffit vents.

Insulate and Weatherize: Expert Advice from Start to Finish (Build Like A Pro)

Here are a few tips to get the job started. First measure the distance between your joists in the attic. This will tell you the width of insulation that you will need. You will cut your insulation to the length of the attic, placing the insulation between your straight edge board, and your walk plank. Then you will press your insulation into the joists. Always making sure the paper side faces downward, and towards the inside of your house.

Also press the papered side tightly against your ceiling. Making sure not to compress it. You may need to weave your insulation under boards, this will depend on your attic and your joists. The exterior soffit vents must be positioned on the outside of the home by hand. Tracing the vent with a pencil,then remove it. You will measure one inch on all the sides of the soffit, and mark with a pencil.

Then with your drill, make holes in the four corners. Cut on the lines you made with a saber saw. This makes the opening for the vent. After, place the exterior soffit vent in your opening that you cut. You will secure the vent to your home with stanless stell self tapping screws, in your pre drilled holes. You just need a screwdriver for this.



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