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Monday, May 16, 2011

Small Kitchen Makeover

Anymore people don't use their kitchen just for meals. Today it is the heart of any home. Where friends and family come together to do many things. If your kitchen is welcoming to a person, you are welcoming them into the very essence of your home. It's a place where memories can be made and shared. There is a old saying that a clean kitchen is a sign of wasted life. And that a messy kitchen is the sign of a happy life. But today let's focus on small kitchens and how to make them seem bigger, and give them some extra space.

Don't be afraid to work with what you have. Even in small kitchens there is extra space that is hiding. You just have to find it. Everyone would love to have a big kitchen, but not all homes have them. But its not the size of your kitchen that matters, it's what you can do with it. In a small kitchen, cabinets actually take up space. Upper cabinets in a small kitchen make the room top heavy. These can be replaced with open shelves, and you can run them to give your self more storage than when you had the cabinets. Now that the kitchen space is open, you still don't want to clutter it. Keep your things organized, on your shelves. Another option to make the room look bigger is to replace your cabinet panels with lattice. This makes you look further instead of stopping at the solid doors. It also creates a softer feel, a more airy feel. The lattice can also be dressed up, to the point you don't even know they are there. A cheap way to update a cabinet is to just change the knob to something fancy.


Now let's talk about color. In limited spaces dark and light colors used together creates a illusion of more room. Even a small kitchen painted dark will make it seem bigger. Just make sure to keep the ceiling and the trim white. In a dark kitchen your cabinets and woodwork should also be a light color. If dark is not the way you want to go, just make the back splash dark with color or a mirrored back splash.


Counter tops, in a small kitchen, vertical is the way to go. It gives the illusion of more room at your gathering spot. Also make the ceiling above white and bright. The ceiling can also create a more open space look. Hang a pot rack over your gathering space also or over your stove as a aesthetic choice.


Don't be afraid to experiment with your small kitchen.