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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rid your lawn of white clover

If your lawn is over run with white clover. Here are some tips on how to remove it organically.

White Dutch Clover Seed - 10 LB

First off, what is white clover and why does it over run your yard in the first place. The white clover you see actually converts soil into nitrogen, that can be used for other plant types. Most lawns are five percent clover, and with this amount fertilizing your lawn may not be necessary. Especially if your lawn clippings are left on. Clover however should be cut before seeding your lawn.

If your lawn is over run with clover this means your soil is depleted of nitrogen. A healthy and balanced lawn will not have weeds. Test your soil then balance it out with organic nutrients.

To element white clover you can use one of two things. The first is sugar. Four to five pounds applied by hand to 1000 per sq, then watering well. The second is using corn gluten meal. Both should be done in early spring, three to five weeks before seedlings start to sprout.

Also to control white clover, cut your grass high, this prevents the weeds seeds from growing. For large clumps, you may have to get hostile. Pour white vinegar in the affected area. This will make your soil to acidic for the white clover. Then you will have to dip the white clover up, that has died. Filling the bold spot with new top soil and new grass seed.