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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Quick Curb Appeal Tips

Soon the warm temps will be upon us, and that's the time to head out front and give your home a boost in the curb appeal department. Curb appeal not only boosts your homes value, but makes it presentable to visitors and guest. It also temps people to see how wonderful the inside of the home is. The outside needs some spring cleaning just like the inside. It's time to mow, and trim, and get your curb appeal in tip top shape.

If you have alot of clutter in front of your home, now is the time to declutter. Give your home front some personality by adding a few decorative pieces, or maybe even a porch swing. A front yard that is full of ornaments, and yard decor can be distracting, keep it simple. Just a few simple projects can make a huge difference. How about adding some shutters or window boxes with your favorite flowers. Repair peeling or rotten wood, with just paint.

Color makes a huge impact, add some flowering plants with bold colors. This will spice up your front yard for sure. Some potted plants in nice decorative pots will spruce up the look of your porch. Make it comfortable and inviting.



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