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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Roof Styles then and now

Roof styles from the 70's we're very different then today's updated and modern one's. Your ranch style homes we're a carry over from your split level homes. Back in the 70's you had wood paneling on your walls and your hallways we're mainly ceramic.

Your roofs back then had alot of Spanish style red tiles, and stucco exteriors. This style also carried over into the 80's. With the style the plants usually we're desert like in the front yard as well as the back yard. Alot of arched windows we're used for the living room.

In the 60's the most popular style home was the ranch, with a cross hipped roof. This is a variation of your standard hip roof. The cross hipped roof is a very complicated style. And can also be more expensive.

Then in the 70's you also had your shed style. This home had a long half gable roof, that would slope at extreme angles up different areas of the home. The shed roofs came in many different types of material. Shingles, metal or wood we're often used.