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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Growing Wisteria

Growing the beautiful Japanese Wisteria can be tricky. If you grow from seeds it can take almost 15 years until you get a bloom. So its best if you can get cuttings or vines. There are two types of this plant, Asian and Chinese. They bloom in different patterns but both are treated the same.

For best results you want to select a site where your vine gets six or more hours of direct sun. The soil needs to be moist and a acid pH of 6 or 7. You will need a sturdy trellis, or plant along a solid wall. Plant in a easy access area so you can prune. Pruning regularly is very important.
The hole to plant your wisteria should be the size of the root ball, but not deeper. The graft union should be just below your surface. A plant from a cut should be planted at the same level. Pack your plant with dirt around your root ball, and water. If you used a cutting water one inch of water every week.
You must feed your new plants to encourage them to grow. But the plant will not bloom while being fed. You want the plant to fill the allotted space, after that you will stop feeding. Hold off watering unless you have a drought. Water only if the plant is wilting.
You will need a fertilizer of 0 20 0 if you are not getting blooms on your wisteria. Always prune new growth in the spring or early summer months.