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Monday, May 09, 2011

Decorate your Double Wide

We all live in different types of homes, some are double wide manufactured. They provide a sturdy place to call home, with out any high costs of a site built home. Sometimes these homeowners down play their home, from other types. But with a focus on landscaping they can upgrade to a attractive double wide just like a site built home.

Evergreens, hide any ugly patch's of siding or other eyesores. You don't want to use plants that loose leaves in the winter, they will only once again expose the eye sore areas.

If you live in tropical no winter areas, you can plant foliage.

We know that a double wide does not have a brick foundation, they use other methods. Using plants with aggressive roots or even vines will grow onto flashing and damage it, so you want to stay away from those types. But you can surround the base of your double wide with a raised mulch bed and add a assortment of mixed small shrubs and clumping plants.

If you don't like the siding on your double wide and you don't want to pressure wash any longer, you can grow non aggressive vines. You can choose a fast growing one such as Ficus pumila, or a creeping fig. These will spread and cover your exterior walls in about a year or two, with you properly caring for them. Just make sure to stay away from English ivy or Hedera helix, they also will do damage. Flowering vines that flower will add beauty to any home.

Older double wides we're constructed with little to no insulation. Therefore you have expensive cooling bills if you live in a area with warmer climates. So why not add some shade. This will create not only shade but lower the temp inside your double wide. Large and slow growing deciduous trees have drop down large branches, that can put holes in roofs. So it is best to us a vine trellis or tall evergreen to do the job.



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