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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Your yard in the fall

It does not matter where you live in the U.S, if it's fall you have yard work to do. Everyone will be winterizing their landscapes, cleaning up leaves and a variety of things to get ready for the next spring.

Fall is the time people clean up dead branches, clean up leaves, and get the lawn ready for new growth. Fall is also the time for pruning, depending on your bush's and plants. Pruning should always be done before the first frost. This will let your new growth harden before the harsh winters. Of course your fall cleanup will depend on what area of the U.S you live in.

Certain perennials and ornamental grass, will need to be cut back, this will help them to regenerate in the spring.

Fall is also the time for new planting. And is also a time of beautiful colors. You can enjoy mums and many other plants in the fall.

Planting grass seed in the fall is also better for, better growth in the spring. Its also a time to wonder if you would like to add any additional plants to your existing landscaping.

Clean up, sit back, and enjoy all the wonderful colors when your done.