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Friday, October 07, 2011

Click Lock Flooring

What is click lock flooring? It means it is free floating, it is not nailed into place, or glued into place. It means that the boards for the flooring just snap together. Then the edges are held down by the floors trim. If you have this type of flooring, and a board gets damaged, it is a easy fix. These types of floors are easy to take apart, for repair replacement.

The first step to do a repair, is to take a pry bar and remove any trim that is around the area.

Next wiggle loose the boards that are closest to your damaged area. Lay the boards down, that you remove in order that you removed them. This will allow for a easy re-install.

When you finally reach the damaged board, remove and replace it. It's that easy.

All that is left is putting the floor back together, in the same order you removed it. When you are finished with that process, re nail your trim, and enjoy your repaired floor.

This is a good reference book to have on hand.