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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


It does not happen to often, but it does. A moth or moth's get into our homes. If this happens, destruction can occur to our textiles and our clothes. Many fear moth's and therefore don't want to touch them. So there are ways to rid them, without using our hands directly. Here are just a few ways to do that.
If your lights are on, turn them off, this way the moths will leave the area, they are drawn to light.
Let them leave on their own, open closet doors, and dresser drawers, and let them escape through a open window.
Take moth infested materials outside, and shake them off. Hanging them outside over night will rid those moths and the larvae as well.
Freezing your garmets will also help to rid and kill not only the moth's but their larvae. Also washing any garmets in really hot water will give you the same results.
The old fashion way is to use mothballs. These can be poisionus to your pets so be careful. Place the mothballs in tight infested areas. Using these will also kill moths, and will prevent others from dropping in.