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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bath Safety

Most falls in a home happen in the bathroom. This is due to all the slippery surfaces that pose this hazard. But installing a safety device, like a grab bar can help with this risk.

For the elderly, this is a great safety precaution. It helps prevent falls and helps with the motor control of the elderly. It can also help them with their balance when needed.

The grab bar will need to be installed in the right place also. A grab bar can be installed not only on the inside of the tub, but on the outside as well. Safety bars near the toilet are also helpful to certain peoples needs.

Mats on the floor as well as the inside of the tub will help to prevent falls. If your tile in the bathroom is to slippery, you may want to change it to a more rough tile.

This is just a few ways to prevent and promote bathroom safety.