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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Boys Bedroom Idea

There are many boys who love Hockey, so why not create them a hockey themed bedroom.
Use colors from their favorite team, and paint the walls, and get the colors in their bedding. A two tone effect of team colors on the walls is another transition you can make. You may also include murals or decals to place on the wall of their favorite team or player.
For your child's bed, how about making a goal headboard. A real goal will fit a twin or full size bed in it to serve as your hockey goal headboard. Once you put your bed into it, the hockey goal set will surround the bed, on the top you can hang helmets, for more decor.
Use hockey equipment to decorate the walls, like using the sticks, criss crossed on the wall. Online maybe you can even find some vintage sticks to use. Also use anything that is hockey related, photos artwork etc.
Also photos of your favorite players framed and hung on the walls look great. Also some hockey jersey's make great wall hangings.
Your child will love his new hockey room.