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Friday, October 21, 2011

Barn Roofs

We often talk about roof's for homes and office's, but there are other structures to talk about also. And today it's about roof's for barn's. Since barns are a great essential part of a farm, it is just as important for a good roof. A barn after all protects not only machinery, but live stock. So as with a home or office, the type of roof will depend on the farm owners desires.

Your most common barn roof is called a gable. It is a one peak roof with two roof sides that are joined. Another type is your gambrel roof, this has different slopes and or angles on each peak. This is a more dramatic looking roof, and gives the barn more storage and headroom. Then there is the hip roof, which is a four sided roof. This works best with a barn that is single storied. This type of roof does not require siding like the gambrel or like the gable. Also the hip roof is the less expensive to install.

Other roofs include what is called a shed roof. This is the most easiest roof to construct. But it does have its faults, it doesn't have a lot of load bearing capacity to it. If the area gets alot of snow fall in the winter months this roof will not hold up. Next is the pyramid hip roof, which is compared to the hip roof. This type of roof holds up well in areas that get alot of snow. A roof that has different slopes and side lengths is called a salt box barn roof. This roof has a short side, which is a great covering for doors. You also have a round roof, this is found in most barns of Europe. Shaped like a half circle, it is very hard to construct. But it has the best headroom of all the roofs.