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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Landscape Tips

Timbers are in for landscaping, providing a soft look that is not only natural but adds to the blossoms and the foliage of your yard. These timbers are made so there is no rot. If laid side by side they make a nice looking walkway. When plastic edging is used as the perimeter it cuts down the amount of weeds and grass that will come between the timbers.
Another great landscaping tip is to use baffles. Baffles are small terraces that go horizontally across sloped hills. They are there to help hold any soil, or even mulch around your landscaped area. Baffles will also help with any erosion problems you may have. Again using plastic edging is helpful here. Baffles can be stone even brick, but using these materials should be placed by a professional. The best plants for baffle areas would be low growing perennials and also any ground covering plants.
Since erosion can be caused by having drainage problems, you can control the problem with installing some drainage pipes. If you have a property that slopes this can effect your landscaping. The problem with erosion in your landscaping is that it not only removes any soil, it damages the plants you have, and can even cause them to die. Another great tip for areas with erosion issues is to plant some turf grass.
This is a great book with helpful landscaping tips