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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Wood Stove

The cost of energy is going up, and people are looking for ways to save. So the wood stoves are on the rise again for heating homes. But building the right fire is important. Keeping it burning through the night is a art.
When you have burned through your first load of the kindling, you are left with red hot embers. So you want to rake these embers to the back of your stove near your air inlet.
Now reload your stove with your fire logs. Stacking all the way up to the baffle, but not blocking the airflow inlet. You then want to open your air control all the way, this will remove moisture from your fire logs. Just leave the control open for about fifteen minutes, no longer.
Now shut the draft control and position it on low. This setting varies to your wood stove model.
Doing this should let your fire logs burn through the night.