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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Shower Glass

If you have glass shower doors, you are going to see a transparent film on the surface. Now you can clean them with natural cleaners, that you can make from products already in your home.
A window squeegee will help keeping soap scum and other grime from your glass shower doors. It may sound like alot of work, but if you use the squeegee after a shower, it will help. You will notice the buildup won't be as much, or will be gone.
Using plain old dish soap works wonderful for getting rid of soap scum. You can clean the soap scum with the dish soap right on a sponge, or make yourself a solution in a spray bottle. After you clean your glass doors with the dish soap all you will need to do is rinse the door clean.
If you want to make yourself a good disinfectant, white vinegar is the way to go. White vinegar is great for glass, and helps remove hard water spots. Making a 50/50 cleaning solution of the white vinegar and water is all you will need, there is no need for rinsing afterwards.
Good old baking soda is wonderful for any stains that are hard to remove. All that you need is a good scrubbing pad and your baking soda. You use it like you would your abrasive cleaner. You will however, need to rinse and dry your glass shower doors. The good thing about using the baking soda is, it will leave a clean smell in your bathroom.