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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Your Garden and Spring

For garden lovers, like my self, the rewards you get are hard to describe. Doing gardening can be very relaxing, and I enjoy it very much. I love not only growing my own veggies, but having beautiful flowers around my home. I wanted to share some tips for spring gardening. And hope it will encourage you to start a garden if you don't already have one.

A compost bin is your gardens best buddy. You can start on, by collecting all those kitchen scraps, instead of throwing them out. You can also save money by building your own compost. Then filling it with a pile of organic matter. The cost to build one should be around eight dollars for all wood and screws.

Another great fun idea is to create a spa garden. Then you can make your own spa treatment ingredients with the herbs that you will grow. Buying spa products from the store can be costly. Making your own, you know exactly what products are touching your body.

Make gardening easy for your self also, by getting a garden tote. You can then have all your tools organized, and ready to use. You can even do this with a big bucket.

If you want to start your spring garden in a Eco friendly way, you can make seedling cups from left over newspaper. This is a good way of getting biodegradable compost from, especially if the newspaper is soy ink based. The New York times is one newspaper that is soy ink based, and available in most stores.

Get your garden going by inspecting your hose's/hose. Check and make sure there are no cracks. And if you find some, save your self some money and repair them yourself.

Another fun idea to even do with the kids is to build a birdhouse. Not only does it feed the birds, and draw some beautiful ones to your project. But it is a nice decor for your garden.

Also be ready this spring and make sure all your garden tools are sharp and ready to go.

Get your lawn ready also after a dull winter, wake it up, by raking.

Just doing some simple things can get you in the mood for gardening this spring.




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