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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sheet Metal Roof Rust DYI

If is not uncommon to find sheet metal roofs. They are used on such buildings as utility storage and others. It works out pretty good as far as being exposed to the elements. But like any metal, over time it will get rust, that needs tending to. The best thing to do, definitely is to take care of the problem before it gets out of hand.

To do it your self, follow these steps. Scrub the sheet metal rust off with a good wire brush. Rinse any loose bits with water. Dry the metal off with a clean rag. Use this method for rust spots as well as rust holes.

With a rust blocking paint, paint over the rusted area. Using a rust blocking paint will stop the rust from not only spreading but will neutralize the rust.

If a rust hole is present, cut yourself a piece of sheet metal two inches wider than the rust hole all way round.

  • Screw the new piece with sheet metal screws, and space them every two inches for a secure fit.
After this caulk all around the new piece, and flatten the caulk with your finger, creating a good seal. Allow to dry over night.

The finale step would be to paint the new sheet metal with a metal roof coating paint. Doing this will seal and protect your new piece from any more water damage.