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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Getting the Grill Ready safety "Tips"

With the warm temps we are going to have this weekend, I have decided to get the grills ready to fire up. Bought some great looking ribs, going to cook them and clean up the yard. So I thought I would share my grilling tips. There's nothing more satisfying to me, than the sound of a sizzling grill and family to share it with.

I own both gas, and charcoal grills. And depending on what I am cooking and how I am cooking it, I then decided what way I am going, gas or charcoal.

For my charcoal I prefer Kingsford briquette's. The lighting is faster and easier. And in case you did not know the ingredients used are natural. Usually this charcoal is ready to cook on in 15 minutes.

I start my charcoal by first making a small mound of briquettes in the pit. I never use lighter fluid. I use a fire starter. When the coals are hot in the fire starter I then turn them out onto my small mound. The grill is kept open until I am ready to cook. The vents are also open while I cook, this helps give oxygen to the charcoal. When I am done grilling I always let the ashes cool for 48 hours before I dispose them. For some reason if you do not have that long to wait you can soak them with water, then wrap the coals in foil and put into a non combustible container. Of course never burn charcoal any where except outside. Using in any indoor area because it produces carbon monoxide that is toxic in any closed area.

For gas grilling I use propane, which is a petroleum product. Normally gas can be compressible to a transportable liquid. Three to four percent of our total energy is supplied by propane. In NJ you need a safety cap on propane containers now.

Gas grills should also only be used outdoors. Tanks should be stored outside in a upright vertical position. It is best to keep them away from any other source of ignition. When not using your propane make sure the controls to the source are off like the grill and also the valve on your propane tank. Another good safety tip is to check for dents, damage, rust and leaks when re-filling. Always take your tank home immediately, keep your vechile ventilated with the tank valve closed, plugged and capped. Never leave the tank in your vechile for any reason.

Do you have some safety grilling tips?