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Monday, March 07, 2011

How to re-slot a stripped screw head

Who hasn't experienced trying to extract a stripped screw. If you noticed the more pressure you exert the worse it gets. This only makes it even worse to get out.

Luckily there is a easy way to fix this problem. Take a dremel, rotary tool, ez lock mandrel, and a ez lock cut off wheel, and you can make a new slot in the screw head. This will let you extract it with a standard tip screwdriver.

All you do is insert the ez lock mandrel and the ez lock cut off wheel into your rotary tool. The system features a one piece design so you don't need a screw attachment.

Always wear goggles to prevent any small flying pieces from the screw. After that place the edge of the cutting wheel into your screw head and turn on the tool. And you can go ahead and cut a new slot in your screw head, do it about 1/8 inch deep.

And all done, you can go ahead and remove your screw with a standard screwdriver.

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