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Friday, March 18, 2011

Coal Energy and what is the real deal

You might think coal is a cheap form of energy, but there is really a lot of hidden costs. Pollution, and health issues cause the price of coal to be pretty high. Let's talk about power plants that produce toxins in our air, removal from mining practices that are destroying our mountains. And don't forget the waterways that are getting polluted.

In the Appalachian region it cost 75 billion for public health. Those power plants that are coal causing air pollution cost 187 billion in health costs. Mercury emissions are costing at least 29 billion. Imagine 206 billion for climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Study shows if you add up all these costs that are hidden, the kwh per price would increase by 18 cents.

And did you know that 40 percent of energy in the United States does come from coal. In order to reduce the coal we consume we have to use less power. Another way to save is have your power supply switched to alternative energy. If that is not a option for you, there are other ways to reduce coal dependence. 

By unplugging unused chargers can save alot of energy and coal use. When we are in warmer months trying to cool your home without AC is another coal saving tip. Make sure all electronics and appliances are energy efficient.

Leave a comment with any ideas you may have for coal saving.